Fishin for a Mission
*March 29, 2015*



The tournament is open to all persons, both male and female, to participate as a team. Teams will consist of no more than two persons to a boat. Each person operating the combustion engine must be 18 years of age or older. An adult choosing a minor as a partner assumes full responsibility for the minor. All state and local laws will apply.

1. No off limits
2. SAFETY AND BOAT EQUIPMENT: Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. Carelessness or unsafe operation of any boat will be grounds for disqualification. Each competitor is required to wear a Coast Gaurd approved life vest securly fastened any time the combustion engine is in operation. Kill switches must be attached to the driver participate in boats equipped with engines exceeding the BIA horsepower rating accept fill responsibility and liability for any and all personal injury or property damage (both personal and private) which may occur. Each boat must be equipped with an aerated live well with space adequate enough to maintain a tournament limit of bass. A homemade device may be used provided it meets the above standard. It is suggested that each boat have a functional bilge pump. 
3. REGISTRATION: Registration forms must be filled out completely and signed by both team members. Each competitor must check in personally at the tournament site at least one hour prior to "ooze off" time and have a boat check and rulings briefing. Failure to check in at registration and have your boar checked will result in disqualification from this tournament. Registration at tournament site will be accepted on a CASH ONLY basis. NO REFUNDS.
4. SPORTSMANSHIP: All competitors are expected to show courtesy to other competitors and non-competitors alike. Drunkenness or alcohol consumption will not be tolerated. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the boats at anytime during tournament hours. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol during tournament hours will be disqualified. At no time will firearms be permitted in the boat or at weigh-in site; the only ecveptions will be recognized law enforcement officers or agents. No competitors will have anyone "Hole Sit" or "Protect" any fishing area.
5. TACKLE AND FISHING METHODS: Only artificial lures may be used- no love baits or cut baits. All bass must be caught in legal, live conventional manner using a rod and "Doodle-socking" and/or "pitching". Pork type lures and add-ons may be used. Length of rods will be limited to 8 feet. Fly rods are not permitted. Drifting is allowed only when it is "wind aided". Trolling motors may be used only to adjust a "wind-aided" drift pattern. Trolling is not allowed.
6. TOURNAMENT HOURS: The hours of the competition will be safe light, as determined by tournament director, until 3:00pm. All contestants should be at the ramp location at least one hour and thirty minutes prior to safe light to insure a timely launch. All boats launching at other than designated launch launch site will bear the responsibility of notifying tournament officials at registration site for a boat check. Any variation of tournament hours will be announced prior to "ooze off".
7. "OOZE OFF" SEQUENCE: Boats will be started using the "ooze off" method. "Ooze off" sequence will be determines by when the entry fee and registration are received. 
8. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Fishing is permitted anywhere on tournament waters except within 50 yards of any marina (any business that sells gasoline) or another competitor, weather or not he/she is anchored. Other no-fishing areas will be announced in that morning rule sheet. Tournament competitors may drop markers 50 yards apart (approximately 10 boat lengths apart) in order to designate their protected waters, provided the competitor placing the markers remains between the markers. Markers cannot be used or placed so as to block the entrance to a creek, canal, etc. 
9. EMERGENCIES: Competitors shall remain with their partners and in their boats at all times during tournament hours, except in the event of sickness, severe weather or other such hazards. If, for any reason, a team member leaves the tournament waters early, That team member or members bears the responsibility for notifying a tournament official. Failure to do this will result in disqualification for this tournament.
10. WEIGH-IN: Will be a walk up weigh in. You may use your own weigh in bag to bring fish to scales.
11. LATE PENALTY: Competitors who are not in the official check point area at the appointed times will be penalized at the rate of 1(one) pound per minute late to be deducted from the total weight to be counted for that day. Any team/competitor more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified for the day. 1(one) pound per minute penalty will also apply towards Big Bass competition.
12. SCORING: Largemouth and potted bass will be weighed. The limit will be 5(five) fish per boat/per day. Any team to have found to have more than the 5(five) fish limit will be disqualified. All bass must be at least 12 inches in length and will be measured on a GATOR GRIP TOURNAMENT BOARD (flat), with the mouth closed and by moving the tail side to side. A PENALTY OF 3 (THREE) pounds will be assessed per short fish brought to the scales. In addition, that fish will not be weighed and THAT TEAM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM BIG BASS TOURNAMENT COMP FOR THAT DAY. A .5 POUND penalty will be assessed for each dead fish brought to the scales. The .50 Pound rule will also apply to BIG BASS competition. All live fish will be release at tournament site. The length limit for all spices will be 12(twelve) inches...     NO EXCEPTIONS. No courtesy length checks at weigh-in site. CULLING WILL NOR BE ALLOWED AT WEIGH-IN SITE. Any culling at weigh-in site will result in disqualification
13. PROTEST AND POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION: Routine Polygraph examinations will be required of any contestant at FISHIN FOR A MISSION TOURNAMENT at the Tournament Directors discretion. All contestants agree and understand that no prizes will be presented until such polygraph has been administered. The polygraph must PASSED at the tournament site on the day of the tournament. INCONCLUSIVE RESULTS WILL BE CONSIDERED FAILURE TO PASS AND WILL BE ACCEPTED AS SUCH BY THE EXAMINEE. ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED FROM ANy BASS TOURNAMENT COMPETITION CAN ONLY FISH UNDER THE DISCRETION OF THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. Protest must be filed within 15 minutes after weight-in is completed. Protest must be in writing and accompanied by $100 cash. If protest is determined non-valid by lie detector test, the $100 is lost. No checks will be paid until protest is determined valid or invalid by the tournament director.
14. RULES INTERPRETATION: Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS. The decision of the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR shall be final in all matters. Infractions of these rules could result in disqualification from this and future events.
15. RIGHT TO REFUSE: The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR reserves the right to take the precautionary measures to protect FISHIN FOR A MISSION BENEFIT TOURNAMENT other anglers participating in the trail, and the resource, by denying registration to any angler wishing to participate in the tournament, by placing observers in the registered boats and/or other actions that he may deem necessary.
ENTRY FEE -$250.00/per 2 man team